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Canadian Coast Guard Association


CCGS Norman MacLeod Rogers

The Rogers spend a few years on the Pacific coast and then was bought by the Chilean Navy, who sailed her almost as long as we did.

Her decommissioning ceremony and crew remembrances, all in Spanish, have their own page here.


CCGS W.E.Ricker


She is being dismantled (2022) at Nanaimo, B.C.

Retired Vessels

CHS Parizeau

Sold in 2001.  In 2009 she was seized off the coast of Spain carrying 1.5 Tons of cocaine.

CCGS Sir James Douglas

Decomissioned around 1993.  Sold and subsequently used as logging camp bunk house.

CCGS Vancouver & Quadra

The weather ships Vancouver and Quadra awaiting their fates at a berth in San Diego.  The two vessels spent many years in limbo after being sold. Eventually they were towed to a breaker in China, the Quadra escaping the cutter's torch by sinking mid Pacific enroute.

CCGS Narwhal

This vessel was purchased and given a major rebuild inside and out. She emerged as the “Bart Roberts”, a luxury motor yacht.  If the old crew could see her now!

CCGC Racer

Now named the 'Pacific Destiny'.