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THE PURPOSES of the Canadian Coast Guard Association (incorporated in July, 1996, under the BC Society Act) are:

1) To continue our Canadian Coast Guard camaraderie into retirement.

2) To support our Membership and their families, when and as appropriate.

3) To support those currently serving in the Canadian Coast Guard, and other maritime interests, when and as appropriate.

4) To undertake or support other activities approved by the Membership.

MEMBERSHIP – A person who has retired from, or is serving in the Canadian Coast Guard, and other Maritime interests, with at least five years of Federal public service, who is willing to accept the purposes and objectives of the Society and pay the annual membership dues, may apply to the Directors for membership in the Society.



The Commissioner of the Canadian Coast Guard has fully endorsed the Association and its purposes, with the understanding that serving CCG personnel would not become directly involved in controversial issues through their membership in the Association or serve on the Executive.

Apply by sending your name, email address and phone number to –>


Annual Membership Dues: $5.00 Dues may be paid by E-TRANSFER to:

Note: Some financial institutions may charge for this service




By cheque payable to: Canadian Coast Guard Assoc Pacific

CCG Association Pacific

ATTN Treasurer

25 Huron St

Victoria, BC V8V 4V9